National Research & Development Council



NRDC undertakes independent research on thematic areas of macro-economy, public finance, poverty, gender, environment and governance. The research undertaken is both proactive and in response to the need of the government, donors, academic and civil society organisations.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

NRDC identifies projects and develops methodologies for monitoring and evaluation; undertakes fieldwork and prepares reports; brings forward the successes or impediments confronted and identifies plausible alternatives available. It has also carried out evaluations of projects undertaken by the non-governmental sector.

Capacity Building

Training and capacity building is yet another important activity of NRDC. The beneficiaries are officials from the federal, provincial and local governments and civil society organisations. Realizing the importance of capacity building, NRDC plans and execute training programmes for mid-career level personnel working in the government, semi-government and private sectors in the areas of resource mobilization, expenditure planning, institutional strengthening, gender mainstreaming, and alternative mechanisms aimed at improving social service delivery.


Realizing the importance of effective dissemination of research and policy advocacy to a wide spectrum of people for the mobilization of critical mass and to initiate dialogue, NRDC follows a multi-pronged strategy. The avenues of dissemination include distribution of reports to stakeholders; conducting seminars and press briefings; participating in seminars/conferences, participation on a regular basis in electronic media talk shows, holding interactive discussions on topical and emerging issues, showcasing research products on the website and writing newspaper articles.