National Research & Development Council



The Governance Programme embodies research and policy analyses of the various aspects of governance. These include devolution and decentralization, public-private partnerships, regulation and deregulation and institutional reforms. The Programme also conducts monitoring and evaluation studies related to the delivery of social services in Pakistan.

Macroeconomic and Public Finance

The Macroeconomics and Public Finance Programme focuses on revenue, expenditure, inter-governmental fiscal transfers, and related economic policy issues that affect the quality of life and economic well-being of the people of Pakistan. It provides technical assistance in the budget making process of the country at the national and sub-national levels. The programme intends to further strengthen public policies in Pakistan that help build a strong and equitable economy in which prosperity is broadly shared by all citizens of the country.


The Poverty Research Programme is designed to develop existing and innovative new areas of research on issues related to poverty including its definition, causes, measurement and consequences. It also covers various aspects of social deprivation, regional inequalities and disparities in terms of social and economic development and income distribution. The programme evaluates public sector initiatives towards social sector development and poverty alleviation, and assists governments, international organizations and CSOs in formulating policies and programmes for poverty reduction and social development.


The Gender Research Programme focuses on the promotion of gender equity and equality by raising the issue of mainstreaming the gender perspective in policies and development plans of the government. This is achieved by integrating the gender perspective in its research agenda. This Programme focuses on the compilation of sex disaggregated data, provides advisory and technical assistance to the government to adopt gender responsive budgeting at the national, provincial and district levels.